The Natural Resources Governance Program

The Natural Resource Governance Programis aimed at finding effective tools and mechanisms for community engagement in local economic development, the promotion of dialogue and cooperation between citizens and the institutions of governance, investors, and local authorities that will boost public confidence in, and understanding of, the mining and energy sector.


Description of program objectives:


The objective of the program is to promote the development of a transparent and efficient mining and energy sector in Kyrgyzstan.


Task 1: To assist governance institutions in developing and implementing effective policies in the mining and energy sectors of the KyrgyzRepublic.

Task 2: To empower citizens in monitoring public services and to increase the accountability of governance institutions with respect to the quality of services provided.

Task 3: To increase local community leaders’ awareness and understanding of socio-economic prospects and the effects of the mining industry.

Overall, the program aims to achieve the following results:

  • Increase targeted public expenditure in accordance with the highest priority needs of local communities
  • Involve more constructively local communities in collaboration with public and private partners in the development and implementation of policies relating to subsoil and addressing issues of local economic development.
  • Promote legislation in the field of subsoil and energy that reflects the new accountability standards and international best practices.
  • Improve citizens’ access to quality public and community services.
  • Help ensure more effective interaction between government, private companies, and local communities in order to alleviate tension in mining provinces.
  • Increase the confidence of investors with respect to the security of their investment and the relationship with the local community, resulting in increased opportunities for socio-economic development in the region.


How we work

The program aims to support the initiatives of partners and civil society:

  • Optimization of a normative regulatory basis.
  • Implementation of principles and procedures for the accountability of government and public and private companies in designated sectors.
  • Strengthening the capacity of local communities and civil society in understanding the principles and procedures for accountability, civil rights, and obligations.


Program tasks will be carried out through grant competitions and operational projects.




Kumushkan Konurbaeva, Program Director