In order to improve the qualifications of medical workers in the providing medical care with chronic, incurable and oncological diseases in the Kyrgyz Republic, for the doctor and nurses of health organizations from April 22 to 26, “the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan” conducted training on palliative care for adults and children.

During 5 days, 18 participants representing health organizations such as the oncohemotology department, Osh interregional children’s clinical hospital, 1st Children’s Hospice, OCSM (Bishkek) learned the issues and discussed the basic of managing chronic pain, communication skills in working with family members, non-drug therapy, palliative care in neonatology, also spoke about the importance of personal stability and support for each other. All training sessions were accompanied by practical exercises and group work.

The trainers were Dr. Heather Munro (Monklands Hospital, Scotland), Dr. Steven Hutchison (Highland Hospice, Scotland), and Dr. IfanLian (Birmingham Children’s Hospital, England).