As a child, Nazar wanted to become a pastry cook. But when he grew up, he realized that he wanted to work not only physically but mentally as well. Nazar took his elder brother’s steps — he is a programmer — and he understood that he also wants and can do programming. This work was just for him, since programmers can do freelancing, work from home.

Being diagnosed with ICP, Nazar was allowed home schooling up to grade 9. In grades 10-11 he started attending school. Then he went to J.Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University. Having completed the first course, he transferred to a distant learning, as he found it was difficult to attend classes.

Nazar learned about IT Academy courses from his friend Altynbek, who had studied there a year earlier. Nazar’s family helped him in everything: his brother took him to school everyday by car, his mother waited for the end of classes, and they returned home by taxi. Nazar admits that it was difficult to study but at the same time it was desperately interesting. Before attending the courses he had tried to learn programming on his own, but with an instructor the study proved to be much more interesting. There were times when something worked and something did not work, as it takes time to solve some problems in programming.  The solution to the problem will not immediately come to mind by itself. Nazar compares this process with poetry – you need an inspiration!

“My studies lasted nine months; it was almost a year of exciting adventure. I liked it when my fellow students came up to me and asked what they didn’t understand. Helping others is a great happiness!”, Nazar says.

The life after studying at IT Academy has changed in everything. First of all, Nazar found a very good job. A very good job! Secondly, there is almost no time left for the young programmer, no need to be bored. Thirdly, he began to feel more mature and more confident and believes that he can motivate other young people with his example.

Nazar is often asked a “sensitive” question: what is the difference between studying at university and studying at IT Academy? He answers simply: if a person has no desire to learn, there is no difference. If you are doing something, you should love this occupation and only then you will see the fruits of your labor. Both university and academy have advantages of their own. Nazar studied at the university for a year and believes that he became wiser and more self-reliant, and has made new friends. The advantages of the IT Academy are an accessible and understandable presentation of the material, conveying speed, modern technologies and tangible results. The world does not stand still and Nazar also wants to learn something new, develop and keep up with the times.

Nazar really wanted to live up to his family’s expectations that he could work, be useful and earn a living like all people. Every day when he went to school, then to the university, and later to the Academy, his mother was with him. She did everything to support her son, helped and cared for him. Now, as Nazar believes, it’s his turn to take care of his mother.

At present, Nazar works for the Business Soft Company and at the same time he studies. “It is a great pleasure and honor for me to feel as a part of the Business Soft team. I do my best not to let down my employer, I try my hardest”.

Sometimes the young man has difficulties; it would be uninteresting without them. But as Nazar says, difficulties should not be feared, they need to be overcome. When Nazar fails, he reminds himself about this.

Nazar did not tell about his plans, he promised to tell when everything would have come true: “I love dreaming, I dream of many things, but basically I am realistic and my dreams are down-to-earth and feasible. Last year I mostly dreamt about working for a serious company. Now my dream came true. You don’t need much to be happy”.

IT Academy was created with the support of the Information Program of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan