The availability of electronic textbooks on the Internet, audio formats of textbooks for those visually impaired, the use of large and open data for investigative journalism – the new digital technologies and the Internet have deepened and expanded the right to free access to information and knowledge.

Information technology promotes the unprecedented transparency, speed, and accuracy in the global exchange of knowledge, information and data. Social networks have been widely used to promote rights, freedoms and civil opinion. And all this technology goes without censorship, and is faster and less costly than any methods for lobbying rights used before.

In the next three years, the Freedom of Information Program intends to support projects in two areas:

  • Free access to information, knowledge and government data

We believe that open and free knowledge and information help people, organizations and the state make better decisions and become more effective. Open data encourage ordinary citizens to raise questions, take part in state activities, and journalists to conduct qualitative investigations based on real facts and figures.

To this end, we will support the projects aimed at the development and expansion of open educational resources, the projects supporting state bodies in their effort to make public the data which are important for citizens, and the initiatives strengthening the freedom of knowledge, information and data at the political and legislative level.

  • Study of computer science and programming by youth

To develop innovation and IT industry in the country, we need a large number of highly skilled local programmers and IT professionals. One of our objectives is to encourage graduates of secondary schools to select IT as a future profession. This will allow them to find high paying jobs faster, and while living in Kyrgyzstan, remotely work for foreign IT companies. Our goal for the next four years is to promote the image of Kyrgyzstan as a country of IT outsourcing with a high level of IT education.


Lira  Samykbaeva
Director of Information program

Altynai Baibachaeva, 
Information Program Coordinator