Access to justice

We are convinced that access to justice is fundamental to the protection of human rights. Being one of the basic human rights, it enshrines the key principles of equality before the law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair and transparent hearing by an independent and impartial court, the right to defense and competent legal assistance.

Kyrgyzstan continues reforming the judicial and legal system. SFK has actively promoted access to justice in the country by supporting the national agenda of the judicial and legal reform. Feeling and seeing real changes requires implementing new criminal legislation and completing the judicial and legal reform. The next few years will be crucial, as the old mechanisms will be dismantled and substituted by new ones, based on human rights. For this to happen, we need to systematically analyze the process, monitor the implementation of mechanisms in law enforcement practice, and evaluate the results. It is necessary to involve civil society, to consolidate the efforts of government agencies, CSOs, and the media. We are ready to continue meaningful cooperation with CSOs, the expert community, and the media to promote access to justice and human rights, and to support projects targeting the judicial and legal reform in the Kyrgyz Republic.