Open educational resources

The main goal of this component is to develop open educational resources (OER), which provide free-of-charge and unrestricted access to educational resources online in the Kyrgyz language. OER open up new opportunities for creating and sharing an ever-expanding range of educational resources, with the creation of unique local content for users in their native language being the most important task.

Creation of local open educational resources is also important to the promotion of OER. Large volumes of unique local content remains unavailable to the public, while open licensing could by several times increase the amount of digital content in local languages.

The Foundation’s goal is to encourage the participation of ordinary users, textbook authors, teachers, developers and other activists in the creation, adaptation and dissemination of OER in order to improve the quality and increase the volume of local OER to improve the quality of education.

News, Open educational resources

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News, Open educational resources

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