Grant Activity

Grant Activity

One of the main activities of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan is providing grants that can be used only for charitable purposes. SFK issues grants to individuals and legal entities for activities corresponding to the SFK mission.

Grant is gratuitous financial assistance provided to support the initiatives aimed at building an open society and addressing the social issues.

Grants must be used by the recipients strictly for the intended purpose, with no right to generate profit for the entire duration of the Grant Agreement to be signed in all cases between SFK and grant recipients.


The main principles of the SFK grant activity include:

• Openness

• Transparency

• Accessibility

• Compliance with the Kyrgyz Republic legislation

• Regional coverage

• Independent and sustainable development of projects

• Continuity

Grant activity of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan is governed by the Regulation on Grants, and provisions governing the financial activities of organizations operating in the Kyrgyz Republic.

SFK Regulation on Grants covers the following procedures:

1. Acceptance and registration of grant documents

2. Review of applications

3. Grant financing and reporting

4. Project monitoring

5. Closure of grants

Implementation of grant procedures is controlled by the SFK Programme, for which the grant was provided, SFK Grant Unit and Financial Department.

Decisions on the provision of grants are made by Expert Commissions under the respective Programmes following the competitions announced in the media or special projects. The said decisions are made at the meetings of the Programme Expert Commissions or that of the Supervisory Board when approving the Programme budget.