In 2017-2020, the Education Program will continue supporting initiatives aimed at creating conditions for improved access to education for children with special educational needs and those from socially vulnerable groups. The Program will also promote the standards and tools for managing a multicultural and multiethnic educational environment in order to strengthen the role of the school as a center of social consolidation.

The main activities for 2017-2020 include:

Supporting initiatives aimed at improving educational services for children with disabilities. In this regards, the Program efforts will be focused on building synergies of state bodies, the civil sector and educational organizations in order to develop and implement a holistic model of inclusive education in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In addition, the Program will once again hold an annual competition to support initiatives of civil society and educational organizations working to improve access to education for children with special educational needs, and providing direct services to such children and their parents. The areas of support will include:

  • providing access to education for children at risk;
  • supporting the efforts of schools and local communities to address the challenges related to the creation of an inclusive school environment in a multinational and multilingual setting;
  • supporting the integration of children with disabilities in general education schools;
  • consolidating the principles of an inclusive approach in educational policies and practices;
  • raising the level of public awareness about inclusion-related problem, and specifically, the awareness of parents about the opportunities for receiving timely and quality support for children at risk.

The Program will also provide assistance to the Ministry of Education in the development and piloting of curricula and materials within the framework of the new generation. As part of this, the Program will supports initiatives of civil society and state bodies aimed at promoting a multilingual education in the Kyrgyz Republic as a means of integrating and uniting society, and supporting linguistic diversity in the education system of the country. The main objective of this support is to facilitate the development, testing and implementation of educational materials for multilingual (bilingual) education in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Valentin Deichman
Educational Program Director

Mirgul Iminova
Educational Program Coordinator