Objectives of the Media Development Program are to promote the development of independent media and their content, to develop media literacy and to promote freedom of expression and dissemination of best practices in the sphere of media development.

Currently, the program works on three main directions

  • Promotion of free information space

The purpose of this component is a systematic work with partners in order to promote and protect freedom of speech and expression, established by international agreements and the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic and to form and maintain a free information space in Kyrgyzstan by:

  • providing legal consultations for journalists;
  • analysis of judicial practice;
  • out-of-court settlement of disputes;
  • protection of the interests of the media in the courts;
  • monitoring of legislation in the sphere of media;
  • initiatives to reform media legislation.

In addition, partner organizations provide legal expertise of journalistic materials in terms of legal security and also facilitate the provision of accurate and reliable information.

  • Support of initiatives aimed on developing media literacy in Kyrgyzstan

Media literacy is the ability to analyze, evaluate information and transmit messages in various forms. Existing activities to improve the level of media literacy as a skill and the development of media literacy as a separate direction are at the initial stage in Kyrgyzstan. Media literacy in Kyrgyzstan is necessary in order to rethink both the media resources themselves and their ethical principles. The development of media literacy should be approached through the formation of media literacy among various groups of the population, as well as through integration into educational processes.

  • Support of independent media through development of data journalism and new approaches in the provision of content.

Within support of independent media, the program helps to strengthen the capacity of the editorial staff to prepare materials using modern approaches of content provision and to provide audience with reliable, objective information on various issues.

The Data Journalism component aims to improve citizens’ access to information through the development and strengthening of mass media capacity in working with data. The program promotes cultivation of local expert pool in the sphere of data journalism and creation of materials based on open data.


Tynymgul Eshieva
Media Development Program Director

Salima Dzhetybaeva
Media Development Program Coordinator