On the 24 of July 2013 Camp for Media Innovations of School of Peacemaking and Media Technologies starts off. 19 journalists from print media and online media sources of the Kyrgyz Republic, who have been selected to participate in the Camp, will study contemporary methods of creating and distributing information, promoting content online, techniques of media management and writing objective articles for multi-ethnic audience.

During six upcoming days, professional foreign trainers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will teach the participants for the best ways of creating scenarios for multimedia publications, working with online texts, producing digital photo and video-recording from mobile phones, working with mobile applications, building inforgraphics and creating online versions of newspapers.

A separate session will be devoted to learning from the experiences of foreign online sources and getting the idea of how print media can profit from the use of multimedia. The trainings will be held in an interactive format, combining theory with practice.

“The world is becoming all about multimedia, while news is more and more mobile. Over half of print media in the Kyrgyz Republic, however, do not have online content and are falling off the current media development trend”, — says the Director of School of Peacemaking and Media Technologies, Inga Sikorskaya. “We want to help Kyrgyzstani media going up on a new level of producing contemporary content and becoming competitive in the media market. This will surely give more opportunities for the audience as well to receive quality information”, — she says.

Technical assistance will help applying the knowledge in practice. It will be later played off at the “Ideas Parade” competition during the last day of the Camp.

As a result of the contest, seven most competitive applications will be selected by a qualified panel. The media outlets, who win the competition, will receive specialized technical equipment, which is necessary for multimedia content production.

The project is realized by the Public Foundation “Network of Social Mediators” and financed through the Media Support Program of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan and the National Endowment for Democracy in the USA.


About Project:

The School of Peacemaking Journalism and Media Technology of the “Network of Social Mediators” Public Foundation was founded in June 2010 for training and building potential of the local journalistic community during the post-conflict period.

The team of professional experts and trainers of the School are successfully conducting trainings of the local reporters for the techniques of destroying stereotypes and cliché, overcoming the enemy image, constructing transparent dialogue among different ethnic communities, teaching for post-conflict rehabilitation via media and for media technologies.

The analytical group for media monitoring is assigned to conduct research on the media content for the usage of the language of hatred and of conflictogenic stereotypes. The research outputs serve the foundation for the development of training materials and engineering of recommendations on improving journalistic standards.

In the framework of the continuous summer and winter Schools of Peacemaking, multi-level trainings and webinars are regularly conducted. All these activities are expected to help reporters in learning key peacemaking instruments for building dialogue between different ethnic groups and promoting innovative media technologies.

Camilla Asyrankulova

Project Coordinator for “Camp for Media Innovations”

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