The Camp for Media Innovations has not only given journalists from print and online media outlets of the Kyrgyz Republic an opportunity to raise their professional skills, but has also granted a chance to participate in the contest for a potentially best multimedia project.

From July 24 to July 29, 2013, 19 journalists had a chance to attend an intensive training course that focused on teaching for contemporary methods of constructing multimedia mosaic, photo, video and infographic elements, designing multimedia scenarios, constructing basic websites and promoting content online. Participants learned media management techniques and practiced in writing unbiased articles for multi-ethnic audiences.

Classes were carried out in a very interactive mode. The theory was immediately applied into practice. During sessions, the participants learned creating websites, online databases and check-lists. They practiced posting interactive photos on their websites and bring visual elements together into a single multimedia history.

“I particularly want to highlight journalists’ genuine interest to study new media instruments, — says the trainer from Moscow Oksana Silantieva, — We managed to learn six highly difficult multimedia services in one day and the group kept this wild rhythm during this whole time! I was extremely impressed!”

The trainer from Almaty Gulim Amirkhanova taught the Camp participants for key techniques of social network marketing and media planning.

“Before this training I had no idea that our website has actually these many drawbacks, — says Mirbek Asanaliev, the editor-in-chief of the information portal ‘Jumgal KG’.– Now, thanks to the Camp for Media Innovations, I am ready to work upon them”.

During the last day of training, the journalists wrote applications, where they proposed interesting multimedia ideas for social projects and technical modernization of their editors offices.

After three-hour discussion, an independent selection board composed of external media experts selected seven winners and handed certificates for technical assistance.

The following media outlets proposed best project ideas:

“Aymak” from Jalal-Abad (“Project on Improving Interethnic Relations”),

“Miner’s Path” («Путь шахтера») from Sulukta city (“Developing Information Awareness of the Local Population via Different Means of Communication”),

“Financier” («Финансист») from Bishkek city (“Widening Access to Economic Information through Creating Interactive Online Platform”),

“SuLei-Info” from Isfana in the Leilek region of Batken oblast (“Solving Social Problems of the Local Population through Distribution of Information and Integration”),

“Danek” from Osh city (“Training Young Multimedia Journalists and Promoting Content”),

Website “Jumgal KG” («Жумгал KG») from Chayek village of the Naryn oblast (“Tackling Hunger for Information Problem in the Region”),

Information Agency “AKIpress-Osh” (Youth Media Initiatives for Helping the Population).

During August all the winners will receive requested equipment (computers, smartphones, dictaphones) and will have their expenses covered for the Internet connection, hosting and web-design.

“Victory (in the contest) has given me confidence, but it is also a huge responsibility”, — says the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Miner’s Path” («Шахтер жолу») from Sulukta in the Batken oblast Gulmira Abdunazarova. Her project was immediately selected in a solid vote. “Now we are ready to work through the new strategy for our next steps”, — she adds.

Another winner – the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “SuLei-Info” from Isfana, Abdillabek Avazov – says it was during the training that he thought of the idea to create an interactive information platform, where social problems of the local population can be solved jointly with local authorities. “Every time I think of the opportunities that we are being granted, I get emotional. I am really happy!” – exclaims Avazov.

The project is realized by the Public Foundation “Network of Social Mediators” and financed through the Media Support Program of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan and the National Endowment for Democracy in the USA.


About Project:

The School of Peacemaking Journalism and Media Technology of the “Network of Social Mediators” Public Foundation was founded in June 2010 for training and building potential of the local journalistic community during the post-conflict period.

The team of professional experts and trainers of the School are successfully conducting trainings of the local reporters for the techniques of destroying stereotypes and cliché, overcoming the enemy image, constructing transparent dialogue among different ethnic communities, teaching for post-conflict rehabilitation via media and for media technologies.

The analytical group for media monitoring is assigned to conduct research on the media content for the usage of the language of hatred and of conflictogenic stereotypes. The research outputs serve the foundation for the development of training materials and engineering of recommendations on improving journalistic standards.

In the framework of the continuous summer and winter Schools of Peacemaking, multi-level trainings and webinars are regularly conducted. All these activities are expected to help reporters in learning key peacemaking instruments for building dialogue between different ethnic groups and promoting innovative media technologies.


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Project Coordinator for “Camp for Media Innovations”

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