From May to August 2013 the Soros FoundationKyrgyzstan has conducted a creative competition on topic “Together to an open society”. Photo contest “Open Society — open view”, essay contest “My understanding of the open society”, drawing contest “My vision of an open society”.

A creative competition “Together to Open Society”, which was announced in May 2013, was summed up. Competition in three categories: picture, drawing and essay. In total 92 pictures, 25 essays and 18 drawings were submitted from 69 participants of the contest. More details on the results of the contest you can find on the link.

As a result of the selection contest winners are:

Nomination photo “Open Society — open view”:

1st place: Svetlana Zens, Bishkek city, photo on “youth” topic.

1 mesto

2nd place: Pavel Bolshakov, Bishkek city, photo on “education” topic.

2 mesto

3rd place: Sergey Pyatibratov, Osh city, photo on “human rights” topic.

3 mesto

Nomination drawing “My vision of an open society”:

1st place — Kishenbaeva Tancholpon, Talas city, secondary school R.Ya.Rysakova, 4th “B” grade, 11 years old.

1 mesto

2nd place — Dzhamgyrchinov Alymbek, Bishkek city, school-complex, 12 years old.

2 mesto

3rd place — Sataeva Dariya, Bishkek city, school No. 67, 2nd “D” grade, age 7.

 3 mesto

Nomination essay: “My understanding of an open society”:

1st place — Suyun Toychiev, Osh city, junior student at School of Business and Management at OshStateUniversity

2nd Place – Alexey Lapushkin, Osh city, sophomore student at OshStateUniversity

3rd place — Cholpon Abdrakhmanova, Bishkek city, freshman student at the Academy of Management under the President of the KyrgyzRepublic.

 Quotations from some essays:


1. Akmaral Gaybaeva

Patriotism, the desire to live for the benefit of the country in which you were born, a desire for change — carefully thought-out and planned, a clear development plan and special — privileged conditions of citizens in unity — able to work together to do everything possible to ensure that we spoke with pride about our Kyrgyzstan,  a country that provides everyone the opportunity to find like-minded people in the very idea of building ​​a strong, powerful and multi-ethnic state,  a society of which is open to new ideas that are the basis of state formation and the development of bilateral relations, allowing to apply the experience of a happy foreign society and in turn glorify the Kyrgyz Republic — as a very bright, clean and priceless treasures, the owners of which we are a part.


2. Saykal Daniyarova

Open society — a society which is based on fairness, the execution of the laws, civilian control over the execution of the laws, equal access to information, access to education, freedom of thought, critical thinking, access to labor.


3. Begimai Kalchoroeva

Open Society — an ideal social order in which trials and errors are permitted. It’s fine, because we learn from our mistakes!

Freedom — is the first step of an open society


4. Nursultan Karabayev

Open computerized society rejects inefficient and old mechanisms of social control.


6. Aigerim Mambetalieva

It’s — really ambitious society that knows no boundaries, it is absolutely free in their actions, it is “open” to all new, better, that lasts forever …”


7. Kyzjibek Sydykova

Open Society — is primarily a freedom for me. Freedom of choice of language, ideology, religion, moral values, as well as freedom of speech.


8. Suiun Toychiev

I think that the system of “vertical of power” has exhausted its positive potential. It is time to seek the ideas, energy, and “creativity” of civil society, to connect its structures to the system of making the most important economic, social and political decisions.

Open Society — this is when a person is entitled to have their own beliefs and publicly defend them … it is a democratic country where there is a favorable investment climate, and favorable conditions are created for the development of entrepreneurship.

9. Nurjan Chunueva

I hope that in the future our country will become truly democratic and developed. There will be freedom of choice, freedom of speech and the laws will work, spiritual wealth and knowledge will be valued above the material. Very happy that I live in a country with a democratic regime and its stage of development can make a possible contribution and even build it the way I want. I believe that dreams can come true if you take actions to achieve them.