Since the beginning of 2014 Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan is beginning to implement strategy for 2014 — 2017. The new strategy encompasses traditional areas of the foundation such as human rights, public health, and access to information, transparency in the mining and energy sector and the involvement of youth in social change.

Equality, fairness and transparency are the main priorities of the Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan. These three topics form the main objectives within the strategy. To date, the Foundation has identified five thematic areas within which the program will focus its activities.

The Public Health Program aims to support the ideas aimed at ensuring equal rights for vulnerable marginalized groups to public health services.

Educational Program will work to create the conditions for improving access to education for children with special educational needs and from socially vulnerable group of population. The program will also contribute to the promotion of standards and tools to manage multicultural and poly ethical educational environment in order to strengthen the role of the school as the center of the consolidation of society.

The Law Program aims to reform the criminal justice system that meets international standards for the protection of human rights, improving the system of providing legal assistance guaranteed by the state and effective documentation, investigate of cases of torture and ill-treatment.

Youth Program aims to create a sustainable environment for youth development through the introduction of new formats and platforms for youth interaction and communication. The program will also focus on the involvement of youth in the processes of social change, strengthen the capacity of youth activists and generally promote the cooperation of regional youth.

The Natural Resources Governance Program is aimed at finding effective tools and mechanisms for community engagement in local economic development, the promotion of dialogue and cooperation between citizens and the institutions of governance, investors and local authorities.

The Freedom of Information Program aims to improve the situation of access to information in three key areas such as digital broadcasting, access to open educational resources and access to information in the languages ​​of national minorities.

Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan for over 20 years is one of the key institutions in the formation and development of civil society in the KyrgyzRepublic. Over the years the country has gratuitously received over $ 79 million from the Foundation.