The School of Peacemaking and Media Technology of the Network of Social Mediators Public Foundation announces the launch of the new project, Encouraging Diversity Through Media funded by the Freedom of Information Program of Soros Foundation — Kyrgyzstan.
The project is focused on the development of content about the cultural and ethnical diversity, strengthening of constructive role of the Kyrgyz media in inter-ethnic dialogue, improvement of access to information to different languages, promoting tolerance.
In the framework of the project, studies of the level of coverage of diversity will be held and the needs in media content on different languages will be analysed. Based on these data, the experts’ team will create toolkits to disseminate of diversity ideas, to teach tolerance, multilinguism, civil identity.
Another significant component will be public debates with participation of the officials responsible for the implementation of ethnic policy, the scientific community, the civil society and media. By result of discussion, certain recommendations will be worked out to raise awareness of the audience on diversity and language rights.
Moreover, qualified foreign and local trainers will hold a workshop for reporters from TV, radio and online outlets to raise awareness on diversity issues among editorial staff, teach them to the skills of report production in the multicultural society, cover language rights, overcome discriminatory practices, as well as on multimedia technologies.
The reporters will be highly motivated to create quality content and popularise diversity ideas.
Information about the project implementation stages will be regularly published on the websites of the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology ( and the Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan (, in social networks ( and emailed.
The activity of the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology in Central Asia is focused on the promotion of peacemaking journalism in Kyrgyzstan and region, on teaching tools of peacekeeping, formation of objective and impartial journalism, on teaching local reporters to new media technologies, on the studies and analysis of hate speech in the media and on the Internet. The team of professional experts and trainers of the School are successfully conducting trainings of the local reporters for the techniques of destroying stereotypes and cliché, overcoming the enemy image, constructing transparent dialogue among different ethnic communities, teaching for post-conflict rehabilitation via media and for media technologies.
The analytical group for media monitoring is assigned to conduct research on the media content for the usage of the language of hatred and of hate stereotypes. The research outputs serve the foundation for the development of training materials and engineering of recommendations on improving journalistic standards.
Alika Karabaeva,
Project Coordinator,
720044, Kyrgyz Republic. Bishkek, Manas Ave,101|1
Tel: +996 312 694015, 694016, моб: +996 772 21 32 57