The event is organized by the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology of the Network of Social Mediators with the financial support of the Freedom of Information Program of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan as part of the Encouraging Diversity through Media project.

Advisor to the Kyrgyz Republic President Farid Niyazov, director of State Agency for Local Government Affairs and Ethnic Relations of the Kyrgyz Republic Naken Kasiev, deputy minister of transport of the Kyrgyz Republic Ernis Mamyrkanov, head of editors’ office of programs for ethnic minorities of the Public First Channel of Georgia Zurab Dvali, media executives, linguists, developers of innovative methods in state language teaching, representatives of international organizations are expected to take part in the conference.

General sessions will be dedicated to the issues of sustainable national development through diversity, participation of the authority, media, and civil society in establishing the national identity, the unifying role of the state language, sharing foreign experience. Four parallel sessions will include 7 master classes where participants will improve their competencies in new methods and technology of Kyrgyz language teaching, learn the tools creating multilanguage content, promoting diversity in the media, on the internet, in cinematography and art.

For example, Batma Topoeva-Stavinskaya, head of the KYRGYZTEST department of the National Center at the Ministry of Education and Science of the KyrgyzRepublic will present a new system of evaluation of knowledge of the Kyrgyz language during the master class on Standards of Kyrgyztest, Testing Technology and Evaluation of Knowledge of the Kyrgyz language. This system will become compulsory upon graduation from high schools, admission to universities, and admission to the civil service.  Trial test will be held for the participants as part of the master class. Batma Topoeva-Stavinskaya, who has 40 years of experience in the educational system, is the author of numerous Kyrgyz language handbooks.

Zurab Dvali, media expert of Georgia, will teach the participants to the methods of audio-visual production for a polyethnic audience, to the methods of work with source of information in national and cultural centers, will share his experience in production of news programs and talk shows dedicated to diversity. Mr. Dvali has 25 years of experience in journalism, is the author of documentary films that have won awards of prestigious festivals.

The conference will end with the adoption of a resolution that strengthens the significance of implementation of ideas suggested during the discussions by representatives of public authorities, media and civil society and will encourage the development of other programs dedicated to linguistic and ethnic diversity.

For additional information please contact Alika Karabaeva, coordinator of the Encouraging Diversity through Media project at +996312 69 40 15, +996772 21 32 57, email:

About the project: The Encouraging Diversity through Media project is designed to develop diversity content, strengthen the constructive role of the media in interethnic dialog, improve professional skills of journalists covering cultural, language, religious, and ethnic diversity.


About organization: School of Peacemaking and Media Technology is a non-profit entity, which activities support freedom of expression and access to information, development of independent and honest journalism, encourage media in crisis areas in order to strengthen stability and democracy in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.