croatia_generalSince the application deadline for Central European University’s MA and PhD programs are rapidly approaching, we wanted to provide you with some important tips for preparing a successful application.
Register now to start your CEU degree scholarship application! The deadline to complete your application is February 1, 2015 for PhD candidates as well as applicants applying for CEU Master’s fellowships. A complete list of application deadlines can be found on our website.
— If you have questions about the application process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and our Online Application Form FAQ page, which answer many common questions applicants may have.
— Press the ‘Submit Button’ as soon as you have completed your application. It is best not to leave submitting your application to the last minute! The system may slow down, as numerous applicants try to submit their applications!
— If your recommenders are using the online recommendation form, feel free to submit your online application form before they submit the recommendations. However, please make sure to register your referees in the online application form, and remind them to submit the recommendation letters. Please note that regardless of the way a recommendation is sent, it must reach CEU by the relevant application deadline. Your application will only be considered complete when all recommendations have been received.
— We also recommend our informative videos on how to write a successful statement of purpose or a compelling research proposal and how to perfect your application package. We hope you will find them helpful.
Should you have additional questions, please contact us by e-mail at:
Best wishes for a successful application process!