english (1)Бишкекский Ресурсный Центр Фонда «Сорос-Кыргызстан» объявляет о начале дискуссионного клуба на английском языке с участием волонтера, студента Гарвардского университета Льва Какасенко. Занятия будут проходить каждый четверг, начиная с 23  апреля по 21  мая (предварительная запись не обязательна) .
Начало в 16.30.
Lev Kakasenko — is a sophomore student of Economics and Foreign Policy at Harvard University. He was a visiting student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Poverty Lab in summer 2014.
Lev contributed analysis and helped plan policy discussion forum for presentation of findings regarding microfinance impact on household level in Indebtedness Household Survey Analysis project, in Kyrgyzstan, April 2015. He cooperated with universities in Almaty, Bishkek, and Dushanbe to track student perceptions about political participation in Central Asia during his work in Central Asia Political Transitions project at Harvard University, starting from September till December 2014. Moreover, he has contributed econometric analysis and policy recommendations to university project in cooperation with Kiev Municipality to appraise investment opportunities for paid parking garages in June-July 2014.
Lev seeking volunteer opportunity with great learning potential, quick-learner and problem-solver with strong interest in Central Asian economic development and public policy.