If a correctly documented forensic examination form can save someone’s life, then a monitoring of medical screening and examination is a necessary measure for improving prevention of torture as well as of cruel treatment.

One of the strategic tasks of MHIF (Mandatory Health Insurance Fund) is a monitoring of the quality of medical aid. In this connection on 30 October-3 November 2016 training on human rights in health care provision sector will be held for the staff members of MHIF. The training is organized by the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan in close cooperation with the National Centre for Torture Prevention and the Coalition Against Torture. The training is funded by the European Union.

The participants will learn about the international standards on torture and cruel treatment documentation. Ms. Rusudan Beriashvili, and international expert of the Organization Physicians for Human Rights, is invited to expand on this topic.

The training participants will also learn about ethic issues appearing during examination and documentation of torture as well as the Istanbul Protocol standards that shall be followed by every medical practitioner.

Additionally, the trainers will talk about the methods and physical consequences of torture and cruel treatment, features and principles of physical injuries description, interpretation and conclusion of medical information.

The training aims not only to inform about the Istanbul Protocol, but also to discuss monitoring tools to check how relevant state institutions use the standards. These tools are expected to be used by MHIF, National Centre for Torture Prevention, Ombudsman Institute and civil society organizations such as the Coalition Against Torture.

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