An Internet portal will be created to present various educational subjects in the Kyrgyz language, tailored to those learners who have difficulties to learn them in Russian and English.

There is a growing need for educational content produced for those people, who speak the Kyrgyz language only.

The project was initiated by the teachers of the American University of Central Asia (AUCA),  Ruslan Rakhimov and Elira Turdubaeva, and was supported by the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan.

In most cases, the content will be based on the existing disciplines taught presently. The course will be offered in the video at the AUCA TV Studio. Each course will have 7 hours of video lectures, and related text materials.

The courses will be uploaded on the portal and on the relevant channel on Youtube.

Most video lectures are designed for young people aged 17 and over, students, also for everyone who becomes interested. The project will focus on accessible presentations and on getting feedback from users.

Video lectures will include courses, such as Research Methods, English, Basics of Sociology, Manas Studies, Basics of Political Sciences, and others.