The Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan is pleased to introduce you our  fellows who have received the opportunity to implement their project during 2019.

This year we received 107 applications on various issues. Many of them raised very important problems and aspects of our public life. Following the careful selection in two stages, 9 fellows were chosen.

The research papers were supported to analyze and study various relevant issues with subsequent development of new proposals and recommendations. We expect that these research papers will enable to launch competent discourses in society. This will allow us to look at these issues from different perspectives and achieve a new level of discussions and dialogue building.

Who are our fellows:

Bakhtiyar Alymov, coordinator of the project “Uch Chaka (Three Bins)”, the Inon Public Foundation

Topic: “Domestic solid waste disposal

Derbisheva Aikanysh Mukhtarovna, director of the Urban Initiatives Public Foundation.

Topic: “Perception of public spaces in the center and periphery of the city through stops

Iriskulbekov Erkinbek Belekovich, lawyer.

Topic: “Economic and social efficiency of the state policy on confinement of drug users in detention facilities in Kyrgyzstan”

Makhmudova Gulzhan Mirsultanovna, leading specialist in industrial safety regulation of the State Committee for Energy, Industry and Subsoil Use of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Topic: “Review and analysis of the legal framework on the reclamation (restoration) of damaged lands with focus on the mining sector in Cental Asian countries

Mamytov Sultan Nomanzhanovich, master of Social work, manager of Initiative Support Center Zhalyn Public Foundation, member of Social Work Alumni Association.

Topic: “HIV-positive adolescents: a study of needs of adolescents in the south of Kyrgyzstan

Dmitrienko Anastasia Aleksandrovna, director of the League of Innovation Development Public Association, research analyst

Topic: “What does the state guarantee to teachers? Identification and activation of “sleepy” legislation

Polunina Yulia Aleksandrovna, special correspondent of the Talas bulletin.

Topic: “Access to appropriate education for children with disabilities and access to education for children left in the care of distant and close relatives

Toralieva Gulnura Tynchtykbekovna, media expert, senior lecturer in Journalism and mass communications at American University of Central Asia, founder and head of Data Lab Public Foundation

Topic: “Analysis of journalism education in Kyrgyzstan in the era of data

Tursunbaev Ulanbek, executive director of Ulukman Daryger Public Association.

Topic: “Evaluation of the effectiveness of the public programs, public services by the citizens of Karakol